About Us

Landscaped BackyardSince 1997 Sewell’s Landscape & Homes Services has provided its services in the Catonsville, Arbutus, Ellicott City and surrounding areas in Maryland. However, their story starts a long time before that. Around the age of ten, Ronnie Sewell began helping out on the family farm where he grew up in Howard County. As he grew older and gained more experience, he became involved in the operation of the farm as it transitioned from livestock to fruits and vegetables. What was once Waveland Farms became Sewell’s Orchard.

It was during this formative time of his life that Ronnie learned about property and plant management and the related fields that encompass agriculture. Sewell’s Orchard prided itself on its successful retail operation and the high level of customer service it offered the surrounding community. The Sewell tradition continues today.

Owner’s Introduction

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ronald Sewell Jr.
Growing up on Sewell’s Orchard I don’t think I realized the importance of the life experiences I was learning; it was just part of growing up.  Over the years as the orchard grew, so did the number of houses in the surrounding community. Soon the ground under my feet was worth more than the apples in the trees and it was time to move on.

After several years in the restaurant business, I returned to the field to assist my father on his farm. This time instead of fruit trees, Christmas trees were the main crop as well as wheat, corn, and soybeans. For about a dozen years I worked on the tree farm, shearing, shaping, planting, and digging and ultimately harvesting the trees for Christmas. Sewell’s Farm is still in business to this day in Taneytown in Carroll County.

In 1997, I decided to try my hand at being the boss and started the business I still run today. I look forward to working with you in any capacity that I can and if I can’t do it, I’ll try and find out who can. Thank you.

If you have questions about our full-service landscaping services or have a customer service request, please Contact us today or call 443-833-5900. We look forward to serving you.